Are you spending too much time doing “busy work” and not enough time being your creative, wonderful self?

Let me help! I’m the Virtual Assistant who can help you set your projects free.

I work with creative people who are passionate about the work they do, and I help them find more time to do it! Authors and entrepreneurs are my people. And I know exactly what you need to get that book written and published, or get that next great product launched! Let me help you!

My specialties include:


Website support and maintenance.

Newsletter management.

Calendar management.

Document creation.

I do so much more. See what I can do for you!

 mary_032015_headshot2I know all about creativity. I’ve been a published author since 2002, and writing for a lot longer. The power of an extra set of hands, someone to manage the administrative work so you can do the work you’re passionate about, or to handle the “behind the scenes” emails and setup for your telesummit — that’s priceless!

And that’s why I work exclusively with authors and creative entrepreneurs. I know how much having some help means to you! Big or small projects. I welcome them all, because I know your project is special.

Let’s talk! Contact me.

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