Are you tired of second guessing your marketing decisions and feeling overwhelmed?

Wishing you had the tools necessary to balance all your obligations as an author?

Looking for a way to know the decisions you make are the right ones for you and your career?

Welcome! You are in the right place and you are not alone. Many authors struggle with these same questions when it comes to their writing and their career. I can help.

The Four Squares of Publishing™

Building a strong foundation is the key to your publishing success.

A strong foundation provides purpose and passion—two things which guide every step of your career. They cut through the clutter and clear the overwhelm.

And best of all, your passion and purpose are uniquely yours.

You can use them as cornerstones to create the publishing career you have always wanted.

How do the Four Squares of Publishing™ Work?

The Four Squares of Publishing™ help you by:

  • Guiding you back to your passion for writing (Reintroducing you to your muse!)
  • Providing clarity on the reasons why you write and why you should focus on your next book (Giving your muse the fuel to work!)
  • Plus, give you the #1 reason why your muse is the best tool for getting rid of overwhelm once and for all!

Eating three square meals a day benefits our health! Ensure your career is healthy by applying the Four Squares of Publishing™ to your writing today!

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  1. A workbook by the same name. Go deep with The Four Squares of Publishing™ and put them to work immediately helping you.
  2. My video exercise where you will discover what’s in your four squares and how this creates a solid foundation for your writing career.
  3. A bonus audio cd: You don’t have to publish alone! Learn why you don’t have to feel (or be) alone when it comes to publishing and how you can leverage the power of community to grow your sales and your career.

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What others are saying about my work:

As long as I’ve known Mary, she’s had a heart for helping authors reach their goals and improve their skills. The Muse Charmer site and materials have given me so many tips and suggestions for boosting my career. The blog posts and newsletters aren’t only how-tos. They’re designed to get authors thinking about their careers in new ways and to open discussions about the topics. I’ve been approaching writing as a career since 2005, and out of all the resources I’ve encountered in that time, I’ve found Muse Charmer to be among the most helpful and interactive.

Karenna Colcroft