When you started out, didn’t you imagine that you could write and publish books and it’d be…easy?

Welcome, author!

Sure, you might get a tough edit or a tight deadline, but there wouldn’t be the worry about your sales, the trying to get seen in a crowded market. You had dreams. You knew you could do this, and when you sold your first book you felt as if you were on your way.

Except, now you feel like you aren’t.

Writing, editing, publishing, promoting, finding time to write the next book…no one said it was going to be like this.

Yet there are those who seem to have the magic touch. They can put out a book and the readers come flocking. We wish we could be like them, because for some of us being a published author doesn’t come easily. Our doubts, fears, and yes, even worries, get in the way. Will my publisher like my next book? Do my readers really enjoy my books? What if I can’t sell? You got questions and you don’t like the answers.

You are not alone. I can help. 

So many authors today focus on the outer author–marketing, promotion, craft–that they forget their inner author. And some of us have a tougher time with the inner author than others.

When you forget to nurture your inner author, then you are plagued by doubts and questions. And it isn’t easy.

You do not have to stop wondering any longer. Quit doubting yourself. And quit giving into those fears. It can be easy. And it will be!

The good news is that authors come with a built-in superpower that’s specifically designed to help align their inner and outer writing selves. It is their muse. No longer the stuff of movies and images of writers stuck hidden away in towers to craft their latest literary masterpiece, the muse is a powerful way for authors to connect to themselves. This connection works not just for the actual writing process, but helps authors clarify their branding, consistently present their marketing messages, find the best promotional opportunities, and creates memorable stories that readers love.

I want to provide you a special program, Tap Into Your Muse Power, that explains exactly how this works. Simply complete the form below and you’ll receive a video that will walk you through the process of getting back in touch with your muse.

In this video you will learn:

  • Why your muse is your most powerful ally on your publishing path
  • How your muse actually functions as a source of inner wisdom
  • A proven system for discovering your writing purpose and how to turn that into promotional gold
  • The secret to having not just “good author days”, but the “best damn writing days” of your career!
  • Easy, first steps to tuning into your muse

To get your video complete the form below. While you will receive a complimentary subscription to Charming the Muse, know that your personal information is safe with me. I treat your information like my own, which means it’s never sold, shared, and rented. Not only that, but any resources I do suggest are ones that I have tried and loved personally.

My goal is to help you have the publishing career you’ve always wanted.

I’ve been a published author since late 2002, which in internet terms is like the dinosaur ages. I’ve worked with some of the biggest and best digital first publishers as well as self-published, so from the big oceans to the small tidal pools, I’ve swam in the digital oceans with my books and know what works–and what doesn’t. I bring that knowledge to you because I want you to succeed.

It has never been a better time to be an author. Writers today have more choices and more freedom to write the stories they love. Yet, those choices and freedom lead to a lot of overwhelm and frustration. Not good. An overwhelmed author isn’t a writing one.

By tapping into your own muse power, you can cut through the crap and silence the stress in your writing life.

That’s what I do. I provide the tools you need to tap into your muse and give you a firm foundation for your writing and publishing career so you always have a place to come home to.

If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to complete the form below to take the first step–my free video, Tap Into Your Muse Power.

What others are saying about my work:

As long as I’ve known Mary, she’s had a heart for helping authors reach their goals and improve their skills. The Muse Charmer site and materials have given me so many tips and suggestions for boosting my career. The blog posts and newsletters aren’t only how-tos. They’re designed to get authors thinking about their careers in new ways and to open discussions about the topics. I’ve been approaching writing as a career since 2005, and out of all the resources I’ve encountered in that time, I’ve found Muse Charmer to be among the most helpful and interactive.

Karenna Colcroft

About The Muse Charmer

mary_headshot_pinnaclepark_fall2013In a career that spans a dozen years and is still going strong, Mary has published over fifty novels, mostly in the erotic romance genre. (And under a few different pen names.) Prior to becoming a published novelist in 2002, she has had numerous articles published in pagan and Wiccan magazines and websites and served for two years as the small hookbill (parrot) editor of Suite101.com.

It all began when she announced to her high school algebra II teacher that she was going to work on a horse farm and write romance novels, so she didn’t need math! Fast forward twenty years and she writes romance novels, among other things, and loves being able to look out her office window at the horses grazing in the pasture. (Of course you can’t forget the chickens, either.)

The truth is that she’s a firm believer that if you work hard and follow your dreams, you can achieve anything you want in the course of your publishing career (and life).

These days, she spends her days in the Missouri Ozarks with her husband and a menagerie of animals including the not-so-itty-bitty kitty committee, an office rabbit, three spoiled horses, an opinionated parrot, and the charmed chicken (rooster) along with his flock. When not helping authors as the Muse Charmer, she spends her time writing and enjoying all the joy and laughter that life on a homestead has to offer. It’s never boring! :)

Whether your dreams involve a rural homestead or a beach house, Mary wants to help you achieve your dreams.

If you’re reading this far, there’s a good chance you’re interested in what I have to say. You’re probably one of those authors, wondering how it could be easier and if you can do it all.

You’re also probably wondering if this ifireflys all bull shit. (Or down here it’s more likely to be horse shit.) It’s okay if you are, because I’ve been exactly where you are. No, no one is going to FedEx you a magic wand and tell you if you think positive then everything will be okay and you’ll start farting rainbows. I wouldn’t do that to you. I respect you too much. I respect what you’re trying to do.

So give me a chance. I’m a published author and have been in this business longer than many. I’ve gone from a time when we had to explain what ebooks are to having readers prefer to read on their tablet or phones. I’ve cheered as my books have gone up the list, and I’ve cried when I got a rejection from the publisher or agent that I was sure was “the one”. And what I am offering you has helped me more than I can express. It’s helped countless others, too.

What writing dreams do you hold?

How can I help you?

Let’s start this journey together. Don’t forget to get, Tapping Into Your Muse Power, by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

May the muse be with you!